Hi, Iā€™m Mat Sadowski. A passionate robotics consultant with nine years of experience, more than half of it as an independent consultant.

I treat every project as I would treat my own, offering expertise to solve customer problems timely and with the least amount of risk. You are always in the loop on progress, time estimates, and high-risk tasks when working with me.

Every week, I spend around six hours working on my robotics newsletter, constantly learning about news, projects and trends in Robotics.

Mat is a phenomenal consultant, and we love working with him. Extremely knowledgeable and levels up everyone he works with. Continues to add value even after the engagement, and his passion is infectious!

ā€“ Charles Brian Quinn, CEO of Greenzie

Below you will find some highlights of my expertise:


  • Navigation stack
  • Localization stack
  • ros_control
  • cartographer, slam_toolbox, AMCL
  • Deploying ROS on custom robotic solutions
  • Developing drivers for sensors and actuators


  • Px4 flight stack
  • ArduPilot (ArduCopter, ArduRover)
  • Developing drivers for custom sensors for the above flight stacks
  • Using ROS on a companion computer for high-level control

Sensors experience:

  • ToF sensors (single points and arrays)
  • Ultra Wide Band (UWB) localization
  • Single and multiplane LiDARs (Hokuyo, RPLIDAR, Livox, Ouster OS-1)
  • IMUs (RazorIMU, Bosch BNO055, PhidgetSpatial, Xsens)
  • Tracking modules (Realsense T265)
  • 3D Cameras (Realsense D435i)